4 months

It’s got so dusty in here. We haven’t been here since October. And how am I supposed to make up for 4 months of our lives?

It has been mainly quiet time for us, filled up with new year dreams and plans. We’ll have few new challenges but also long summer holidays in Poland.

I have recently turned 35 and girls decorated a birthday cake for me all by themselves. You can’t give a better gift to a confectioner.

Alez tu sie zakurzylo. Nie bylo nas tu od pazdziernika. I jak tu nadrobic 4 miesiace z zycia? 

To byl dla nas dosc spokojny czas przepelniony noworocznymi marzeniami i planami.  Szykuja sie dla nas nowe wyzwania ale i dlugie wakacje w Polsce. 

Niedawno skonczylam 35 lat i dziewczynki udekorowaly dla mnie calkowicie samodzielnie tort. Nie mozna wyobrazic sobie lepszego prezentu dla cukiernika.


The biggest surprise and success of that time has been Rosie’s silver medal in Feile Luimnigh competition.

Najwieksza niespodzianka i sukcesem tego roku byl srebrny medal Rosie w konkursie recytatorskim Feile Luimnigh.


And even three teeth she has lost recently haven’t stopped her from winning.

I nawet trzy brakujace zeby, ktore wypadly jeden po drugim jej nie powstrzymaly.


As parents, we have made a decision of postponing Misike’s start of school until next year. We both feel that Irish custom of sending 4 year-olds to school is premature and we want to give Misike another year before he spends next dozen or so years in school.

Podjelismy decyzje o przesunieciu poczatka edukacji szkolnej Misike na nastepny rok. Oboje czujemy, ze irlandzki zwyczaj posylania czterolatkow do szkoly jest przedwczesny i chcemy podarowac Misike jeszcze ten jeden rok zanim wpadnie w system szkolny na kolejne nascie lat. 

Misike i krokus

A very nice surprise happened to me when I won a book called “15 minute parenthood” by Joanna Fortune on Spirit radio over a week ago. I never win anything (maybe partially because I hardly ever take part in competitions) and yet I was so lucky this time. It made me so happy not only because it’s a book (is there a  better gift?) but also it’s a book on a subject I am keenly interested in.

Mnie spotkala przemila niespodzianka gdy w radiu Spirit Radio wygralam ksiazke “15-to minutowe rodzicielstwo” Joanny Fortune. Nigdy nic nie wygrywam (moze czesciowo dlatego, ze prawie nigdy nie biore udzialu w konkursach) a tu taki fart. Cieszy mnie ta wygrana tak bardzo dlatego, ze to ksiazka (czy moze byc lepszy prezent?) a po drugie dlatego, ze temat rodzicielstwa zywo mnie interesuje.


The biggest change in our family life was establishing a new family tradition of  monthly   parent-daughter dates.  Every month Misi and I take one of our girls on a date and the next month we switch :-). We set the place and activity with our date partner. We have already been to cinema, Chinese restaurant and the swimming pool and in March Anabel is taking me to roller jam  so I am intensively practicing my limited skills of a beginner roller skater :-).

Najwieksza zmiana w naszym rodzinnym zyciu bylo wprowadzenie nowej tradycji randek. Co miesiac Misi i ja zabieramy ktoras z dziewczynek na randke z rodzicem. W kolejnym miesiacu wymieniamy sie corkami :-D. Miejsce i aktywnosc ustalamy z nasza randkowa partnerka.  I tak bylo juz kino, chinska restauracja, basen a w przyszlym miesiacu Anabel zabiera mnie na rolki do Roller Jamu wiec cwicze intensywnie moje ograniczone zdolnosci poczatkujacego lyzworolka 🙂 . 


To byl slodki czas.

zestaw tortow




Approaching Halloween, we started a school break by visiting a pumpkin patch. What better way to spend an afternoon than outside with friends. Kids picked and carved their pumpkins, walked through a little haunted barn and listened to some spooky stories.


Oceanografic and Museum of science in Valencia


Even if you’ re not into science, opera music or animals, the city of arts and science in Valencia is worth seeing for its breathtaking architecture.  We managed to visit only two of its buildings . Oceanarium is the biggest oceanarium in Europe and it was built in the shape of water lily.

While land animals of bioparc made no impression on Misike, water animals in oceanarium absolutely enraptured him. We spent hours watching all sorts of fishes and ocean creatures and he just didn’t have enough. The culmination of the trip was dolphin show. Magic!


It was the last stop on our “to visit” list though, that i was looking forward to the most. Prince Felipe’s museum of science is another architectural masterpiece, that resembles the skeleton of a whale. I was dying to see it but I worried my little ones would find it boring. Fortunately, I was wrong. There were many exhibition rooms, each dedicated to something different. We started with the vehicles build with legos. There were chariots, carriages, planes, balloons, ships and cars.


Each of us had their own favorite exhibition. Anabel, dinosaur lover, was enraptured by life size dinosaur skeletons. I loved the interactive exhibits about human body and genetics on the third floor the most. Misi was mostly interested in giant balloon and plane hanging from the museum ceiling. But we all were absolutely amazed by “Mars” exhibition. There was a scale that showed you your weight on different planets (I wish I could live on Uranus :-D), holograms of martians and quiz machine.

But of course, we spent most time watching chicks hatching from their eggs.

IMG_20180925_160052IMG_20180927_132405SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAIMG_20180927_162009IMG_20180927_162057IMG_20180927_162103SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAIMG_20180927_142834IMG_20180927_143039







Bioparc and Guliver park in Valencia


We used three cooler days in Spain for visiting the city of Valencia. It was there I heard of bioparc for the first time. If you haven’t heard of it, it is essentially a zoo, just better. Even though bioparc in Valencia is much smaller than zoos I saw in Poland, Hungary or Ireland, everything there is designed that way,  to look remarkably like the natural habitats of specific animals.

We were extremely lucky because when we reached the city, there was a little drizzle. Even a kind lady at the cashier warned as that tickets are non-refundable and it is about to rain. Since we came such a long way, we decided to risk it. The drizzle was gone in minutes and it never rained but it looked like the weather scared away many tourists  because there were hardly any visitors there that day so we had it all nearly to ourselves.


On the way back we took a walk in Guliver park and found most amazing playground we have ever seen. It is shaped like the eponymous Guliver from Jonathan Swift’s novel.





Last September we spent two wonderful weeks in Spain and it was everything I was hoping for. We got to visit interesting and beautiful places but also spent countless hours swimming in the sea, looking for seashells  and building sand castles.

We got there in the perfect time. September is off the season despite high temperatures and a very warm sea water, so there are few people on the beaches. It’s nice and quiet, just as like it.

Two things shocked me about Spain. First, it is nearly impossible to find there someone who can speak English and secondly it’s perfectly natural to sunbath topless. The first day we got to the beach, I thought that maybe we landed on the wrong beach but as I soon realized, it was same everywhere. What I noticed, the older breasts the more shameless. Perhaps with age we get more distance to ourselves and our bodies, or perhaps, we just don’t give a damn what others thing anymore. I wish to get that attitude some day.









Misi wanted to see the ruins of some castle in Oropesa. I wasn’t very excited about the idea of looking at some piles of stones and bricks in hot siesta hours but in the end I was so grateful we went. Those enchanting little streets on the way to the ruins were the most beautiful place I found in otherwise very touristic Oropesa.


During our trip I was happy to find three polish traces in Spain. There was a painting of sister Faustina in st James’ church in Oropesa and another one of John Paul II in Castellon de la playa. And finally, there was a book by Mikolaj Kopernik (Nicholas Copernicus) in the museum of science.


Still in summer



Jak nadrobic dwa intensywne miesiace przerwy w blogowaniu? Szkola juz pelna para a my zyjemy juz wlasciwie przygotowaniami do  Halloween ale dzieciaki uwielbiaja czytac i ogladac nasze blogowe posty wiec nie chce by tyle nam umknelo, dlatego cofne sie jeszcze w czasie do lata.

Pierwsza polowa wakacji byla dla nas aktywna fizycznie. Byl basen, joga z dziecmi, zmiany zywieniowe. W sierpniu natomiast dzialo sie wiecej w sferze intelektualno- duchowej.


Anabel wyczekiwala sierpnia z niecierpliwoscia poniewaz zapisalam ja na polkolonie komputerowa, gdzie uczyla sie podstaw programowania i kodowania. Uwielbia komputery i elektronike w ogole, wiec  byla zachwycona tamtym tygodniem i juz pyta czy za rok tez moze wziac udzial. Poznala takze innego maniaka pokemonow, ktorego juz goscilismy u siebie wiec polkolonia okazala sie prawdziwym sukcesem.

Jesli jestescie anglojezycznymi katolikami, to byc moze slyszeliscie o biskupie Robercie Barronie z Los Angeles, zalozycielu Word on fire .Biskup Barron w bardzo przystepny sposob tlumaczy doktryny kosciola katolickiego oraz probuje znalezc odpowiedzi na pytania nurtujace wspolczesnego katolika. W sierpniu, przez dziesiec dni biskup udostepnil za darmo dziesiec epizodow jego serii The Catholicism, ktorej szosta czesc mozna ogladnac tutaj.  Udalo mi sie ogladnac niemal cala serie i dala mi wiele do myslenia. Biskup zabiera nas w przepiekne miejsca pielgrzymkowe, gdzie wyjasnia tajemnice naszej wiary od wcielenia, przez role i pozycje Maryi, roznorodnosc drog do swietosci, po unie Chrystusa z Kosciolem czy rzeczy ostateczne. Polecam kazdemu, kto pragnie rozwijac sie duchowo.

Lato i wakacje pozegnalismy natomiast w najlepszy mozliwy sposob, otoczeni przyjaciolmi, celebrujac urodziny Anabel. Cieszylismy sie ostatnimi promieniami letniego slonca w ogrodku chlodzac sie panna cotta.




Camp, detox and exam



July, except for few trips to the beach, swimming pool and aquapark, we spent at home. But in many ways it was a revolutionary month full of changes and successes.

Lipiec, poza kilkoma wypadami na plaze, basen i do aquaparku, spedzilismy w domu. Ale pod wieloma wzgledami byl to rewolucyjny miesiac pelen zmian i sukcesow.


For a week girls attended swim camp. We hear so much about drowning hazard, especially during summer months, I wanted girls to get enough swimming skills to be able to save themselves. It was great fun for them  too. On the last day they marched in full of pride, holding certs in their hands

Przez tydzien dziewczynki braly udzial w polkoloni plywackiej. Zwlaszcza w miesiacach letnich slyszy sie tak wiele o utonieciach, chce wiec by nabyly przynajmniej na tyle umiejetnosci plywackich by moc choc siebie uratowac.  Byly bardzo dumne z siebie gdy ostatniego dnia wrocily do domu z certyfikatami.


For me July was a true revolution. After I read in June a book called “Alkaline detox” by a polish author Beata Sokolowska, I decided I had to try it. I expected it to be hard but as it turned out, veggies and fruit are not only healthy but also very tasty.  An author describes a variety of detox, from total fasting, through vegetable and fruit diet to millet-veg detox so that everybody, even full time workers can incorporate detox into their lifestyles. The book is full of recipes and accounts of people who have gone through detox along with a list of benefits it has on our bodies. I, personally, lost 3kg, strengthened my naturally very weak nails, got even toned, beaming complexion andf got rid of most of my stomach problems. After the detox I decided not to go back to meat and so I became a vegetarian. I recommend alkaline detox to everybody. It is life changing.

Dla mnie lipiec to prawdziwa rewolucja. Jeszcze w czerwcu przeczytalam ksiazke “Alkaliczny detoks” Beaty Sokolowskiej i postanowilam, ze to jest super sprawa i absolutnie musze sprobowac. Spodziewalam sie, ze bedzie ciezko ale okazalo sie, ze dieta warzywno-owocowa jest nie tylko zdrowa ale takze bardzo smaczna. Autorka podaje kilka rodzajow detoksu, od glodowek, przez diete sokowa, przez diete warzywno- owocowa po detoks jaglano- warzywny, tak, by nawet zapracowani byli w stanie go przeprowadzic. W ksiazce znajdziecie wiele przepisow oraz relacji osob, ktore juz detoks przeprowadzily z wszystkimi korzysciami, ktore detoks im przyniosl. Ja osobiscie, oprocz 3 kg mniej, wzmocnilam panokcie, uzyskalam rozpromieniona skore, pozbylam sie w duzym stopniu dolegliwosci brzusznych. Po skonczonym detoksie stwierdzilam, ze nie wroce juz do miesa i tak przeszlam na wegetarianizm. Polecam detoks serdecznie!



In July also, I passed an exam for  a confectioner. Small course, small exam, small success but a big joy :-D.

W lipcu zdalam takze egzamin na cukiernika.  Maly kurs, maly egzamin, maly sukces ale cieszy :-D. 


Since I recommended a book already, I have to write about a movie, a series actually. “Money heist”, Spanish production series about a genius plan to print and steal 2,4 mld euro  from Royal Mint of Spain. You will find  everything here: action, suspense, love and lots of twists of action. This series will surprise you in every episode. The BEST series of this year! Seriously.

Skoro juz tak polecam wam ksiazki, musze napisac o filmie, serialu wlasciwie. “Dom z papieru”, hiszpanskiej produkcji serial o genialnym planie napadu na Krolewska mennice hiszpanska w celu produkcji i kradziezy 2,4 mld euro. Znajdziecie tu wszystko: akcje, napiecie, watki milosne, mnostwo zwrotow akcji. Ten serial bedzie was zaskakiwal w kazdym odcinku. Najlepszy serial tego roku! Serio.