One scarry day

Yesterday we had quite a scarry day. Everything started in the morning with Anabel having yet another constipation (these have been quite often since we started potty training so at first I was not alarmed at all). But after a short while on a potty, Anabel started crying and I noticed she had a high temperature. But the worst came when she also started throwing up. I am not a mom that easily panics and takes her child to a hospital as soon as she gets fever so I decided to give her some medicine for constipation and wait. But few hours past and even though medicine worked, Anabel’s temperature was increasing and she threw up more and more. That was the time to see a doctor. I called Misi and as soon as he was home we went to our GP. GP examined her belly and decided that it could be appendix and so we should go to a hospital asap for tests. Our dear friend, Betti, took me and Anabel to Regional Hospital. I was afraid we would have to wait there for hours but they received as very quickly. At that point Anabel’s temperature reached 39,8°C so she got nurofen and was stripped naked. One hour past but her fever persevered so she got some other medicine. My poor girl had no idea what was going on and what all those people wanted from her so she was really afraid, cried all the time and tried to hide in my arms. They took a sample of urine from her and did X-ray. All that time I had scarry visions of surgery going through my head but finaly I was told it was certainly not appendix. That was a relief but they still did not know what was wrong with her. But while we were waiting to be seen by a pediatrician, Anabels temperature went down and she got her energy back. She would pull a toy wagon up and down a hallway, hand around her corn crisps, talk to everybody around, jump on a bed and even help cleaning staff to pull a bin 🙂 She did not look like a sick child at all. She was so active and friendly that all personel and patients in that section of the hospital already new her by name.


All adventure had a happy ending, thank God. We got some prescriptions and were sent home. We still do not know for sure what it was, most probably a bug. We spent there six hours all together and I think they were one of the most scarry moments in my life. Till now I have not allowed a thought that something could happen to my children. Moments like that make me realize that every minute spent with my loved ones is a gift and I should try to make the most of it.


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