Halloween our way

As a catholic, I’m not supposed to celebrate Halloween. There are many sensible reasons behind it and I do agree that celebrating evil spirits and characters, magic and occultism doesn’t agree with our philosophy but I live in Ireland and fighting Halloween celebration is just pointless. Besides I have children which I do not want to feel like outsiders so I decided to find a golden middle. Therefore I proclaim 31st of October -Day of Fighting Our Fears in our family. So no skulls, witches, ghosts, vampires, zombies or trick-or-tricking, but “yes” to dressing up, black cats, spiders, mice, bats etc. because they represent our (mostly silly ) fears.

Jako katoliczka, nie powinnam obchodzic Halloween. Kryje sie za tym wiele rozsadnych argumentow i zgadzam sie, ze celebrowanie zlych duchow i postaci, magii i okultyzmu sprzeciwia sie naszej filozofii, jednak mieszkam w Irlandii i walka z Halloween jest tu bezcelowa. Poza tym mam dzieci i nie chce by czuly sie wylaczone z zabawy wiec postanowilam znalezc zloty srodek. Tak wiec oglaszam 31-szy Pazdziernika- Dniem walki ze Strachem. A wiec zadnych czaszek, czarownic, duchow, wampirow, zombi czy przekupowania duchow slodyczami, ale “tak” kostiumom, czarnym kot6om, pajakom, myszom, nietoperzom itd. bo one reprezentuja nasza( zwykle bezzasadne) leki.

Yesterday was supposed  to be fun day. Misi was supposed to come from work early and we were supposed to decorate a flat a bit and I would dress girls into costumes and myself too and we would dance and laugh. But everything just went wrong.

First, Misi called saying that his co-worker was sick so instead of finishing at 3pm , he had to stay at work till 9pm. Feeling sorry for him, I decided to cook delicious lasagne and bake a cake as a surprise awaiting him when he gets back home after 12 hour shift. So I chopped onion and garlic and put a pan with oil on hob. And that’s when I realized I din’t have any buttercream at home, which I needed for the cake. So I called my friend and neighbour in one  asking to buy me some, when Anabel started shouting :”Mommy, fire! Fire!”. I saw a red flame and black smoke comming from the pan, I moved the pan from the hob and set aside and run with girls to a bedroom. My neighbours came instantly and covered pan with fire blanket. We spent next 2,5 hrs in their appartment while our was getting aired.

When Misi got home I had a very different surprise waiting for him. Instead of lasagne- burnt pan, and instead of a cake- dark wall 😦 . But when I told him I had news, his first reaction was ” You’re pregnant!” 🙂 so the story about fire didn’t make much impression. And no- I’m not pregnant 🙂

Anabel was a beautifull Butterfly Princess all day long

and all decorations we managed to make were bats, pumpkins and a lamp


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