First day of creche and birthday

While other kids are starting schools, our little Rosie spent her first day in creche yesterday. She was brave and cute and stole her carers’ hearts already. She didn’t cry at all when Misi left her there. She asked her carer for coins. I had to explain later on that Anabel always puts some coins in her jacket pocket when getting ready for preschool so Rosie probably thinks it essential to have coins in creche 😀 .  She is already known there for her amazing appetite. She ate DOUBLE! portion of toast and yoghurt and had no problem eating all her lunch two hours later.  She cried when I collected her because she wanted to take Barney soft toy home with her. She kept saying: “Barney as well, Barney as well” 🙂 .

And here she is, my little Indiana on her first day of creche:


We celebrated that day in american style, with “Shrek” and a bowl of popcorn 😉


Last weekend Anabel turned four. Unfortunately, I had to work all day but we had a little private celebration in the evening. Misi surprised me with this little cake and Anabel was super excited telling us to hide and shout “Surprise!” and to sing her “Happy birthday” song. She even patiently ate all slice of her cake before demanding her present 😀 .


We’re planning a bigger birthday celebration but rigth now we have crazy busy schedules with no days off together so it will have to wait till next week. I don’t think she’ll mind celebrating it twice,  anyway 😉

And here is a cake I made really fast yesterday to bring with us to preschool today. I was looking for some castle cake ideas for a while and decided to use Louise’s idea. It’s quite simple and I love a fact that everything is edible.


I had a chance to use my new flour sifter I treated myself to as a prize for making that wedding cake 😉 I love it’s retro look.


Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “First day of creche and birthday

    1. Thank you, Louise, for that tutorial. My little girl is super excited and proud of that cake. Your idea helped to make her birthday special and brougth smile to her face. I love your creativity. Greetings!

  1. Wszystkiego najlepszego dla prześlicznej Księżniczki!
    Tort – bajka!
    Mam wrażenie, ze złapałaś tortowego bakcyla 🙂 Cieszę się bardzo.
    Wiem, że to dużo pracy ale potem pamięta się już głównie radość dzieci.

    Uściski urodzinowe!

    1. Faktycznie ostatnio duzo tortow a tu za chwilke urodziny Rosalie i znowu bede cos kombinbowac. Chyba stoi za tym nowy robot kuchenny, ktory strasznie cieszy (kura domowa ze mnie juz zupelna, ze tak sie tymi kuchennymi przyborami ekscytuje 😀 ) ale fakt faktem cudownie bylo sluchac jak Anabel chwalila sie wszystkim w przedszkolu, ze jej mommy zrobila tego torta 😉 wiec narazie bede szalec, a co 😛
      Dziekuje za zyczenia i pozdrawiam!

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