Moments of stillnes

I grew up in a countryside and I loved it. Long walks between fields, writing poems on a tree branch, watching sunsets, rabbits, deers, birds, eating fruit straight from fruit trees, lieing on haystacks. Life was slower and deeper. Then, as a teenager I dreamt of seeing a big world and of great adventures but I always thought in the end I would live in a village because that’s where I belong. Yet, here I am, living in an apartment in the centre of a city, not a big one (100 000 people) but still.
Last winter I was actually really glad that we lived on a top floor of a city centre building because so many of our friends’ houses suffered due to storms and floods, but when spring and summer comes, I miss nature soooo much. When an opportunity arises, we will do something about that 😉 but for now I feel so blessed and all because of one single bird, who made his nest near our building and he puts us to sleep and wakes us up with most beautiful tune. I love these moments, when traffic sounds cease at last and the city seems so still and quiet, there’s just this single sound of a lonely bird. Listen for yourself.


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