From this year on, travelling has become much more complicated for us. Anabel goes to school now so she shouldn’t miss to many days of school and ticket prices in summer are usually enormous. Besides, it’s never easy for Misi to get much time of of work in the summer. And thinking ahead, as moms do, I just could not figure out how we would  christen Misike this year. But after speaking to our progressive priest (who loves wearing funny hats during mass and gets his parishioners a show of Irish dance at church as an Easter treat 🙂 ) we decided to break our tradition and baptise our baby boy here in Ireland, in our local church. It was very simple and unofficial, different from what I’m used to but I liked it that way. And what’s most important, now we have three little angels at home , well, at least most of the time 😉 .



2 thoughts on “Christening

  1. Tak pięknie wyglądacie, tyle w Was promienności, światła, pogody (i Twa suknia mnie zachwyciła również 😀
    Cieszę się ogromnie, że tak się u Was dobrze dzieje. Pozdrawiam ciepło 🙂

  2. Wow, dziekuje, Madziu. Ta pogoda to ostatnio dopisuje jedynie w kosciele 🙂 . A sukienke juz oddalam mamie w nadziei, ze Dukan znow uczyni cuda i wroce do mojego rozmiaru 8 wiec trzymaj kciuki za motywacje 😉

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