Pitschi, the kitten with dreams


Last weekend we went to the theatre with our Hungarian friends. It was the first visit to the theatre for girls so they had so many questions and were very excited. Anabel was especially thrilled about the play because it was all about a little kitten, called Pitschi and cats are her favourite animals. Pitschi was a little cat who didn’t want to be a cat and thought all other farm animals were far more interesting. So he tried to be a goat, a chicken, a duck. Those attempts brought onto him lots of adventures but also trouble. The play was based on the story written by Hans Fischer, Swiss illustrator and writer.

Girls watched the play absolutely enchanted and laughed heart-fully. When an actress asked four children to come on stage and they all raised their hands, Anabel decided that the girl pointed at her so she quickly passed through a row full of people and ended up on stage in a role of a bunny. I love how brave and adventurous she is.

We were lucky to buy the last book they had about Pitschi and it’s become our favourite.

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