Sweet spring

Spring is always filled with birthdays, celebrations and holy communions and that means lots of sweet creations 😉 . What I love about cake decorating is that is almost always different. You get to experiment and learn all the time.

This spring I made my first first holy communion cakes. They were challenging but gave me so much joy too.


Even though it has been a while since last “Frozen” was released, Frozen themed cakes are still popular. Just this spring I was asked for two. One of them was fairly simple with few snowflakes and toy figurines on it but the other one was supposed to be Frozen castle and I was super happy with. I enjoyed every minute building and decorating it and it came out just as I had planned.


When I was asked for a Spiderman cake, I did not know what I was getting myself into. I am just not good at sculpting with fondant. I only tried few times but every attempt was painful and results disappointing. I planned to make a Spiderman figurine in a half- standing half-bending position, but I just could not make it work so I settled for this


After this cake I also made a promise to myself to buy a black edible marker next time I am in a shop that sells them. It would be so much easier to make that web on Spiderman with it than with a toothpick.

The last cake was made for a two year old boy, just like my Misike. Funny story about it is that I mixed up order dates and made that cake one week too early so I had to make same cake again. It was supposed to be lego duplo train themed. I hope Kubus was satisfied 😀 .



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