Quilty beach


We, Polish immigrants, tend to complain and joke about Irish weather. I know people for whom the weather was one of the main reasons they returned to Poland. But this year there’s really nothing we can complain about. First we had some snow in March and now it’s been summer full on for two weeks straight. Being realistic though, we take every opportunity to take advantage of this weather as it may not last that much longer 🙂 .

Yesterday we tried out a beach in Quilty and we loved it. The biggest advantage of it is that you can park your car directly on the beach so you don’t need to carry countless amounts of bags, towels, blankets, balls and buckets to the beach all the way from the car park. Fantastic beach for families.


3 thoughts on “Quilty beach

  1. Widać tę radość! cudnie!
    Wielu takich dni pełnych słońca życzę – ten rok jest jakiś taki niesamowicie słoneczny i ciepły więc pewnie jeszcze wiele razy będzie okazja tak poszaleć na plaży – trzymam kciuki!

    1. Mam nadzieje, ze masz racje, Magdo. Wam, tam w Polsce, nie trzeba chyba zyczyc pogody bo lato zawsze przychodzi, ale zycze wam i nam wspanialych letnich szalenstw!

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