Life is one never- ending party

I’m one of those people who avoid crowds at all cost. Not for me rock concerts, football matches or Next sales. But then this is not the first time when having kids pushed me beyond my limits. And so I spent the weekend at the event in toy shop queuing for ages just to get girls’ faces painted. The choice was all theirs but it sure shows their character. Anabel (animal lover) chose cheetah while Rosie( who likes to be different) went for spiderman.


September and October are filled with birthdays and anniversaries. Just last week we went to three birthday parties. And birthdays mean cakes (and that was the best part for me- baking and decorating).



anchor cake

anchor cake 1

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Also, we celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary and my husband got me a ring. Ok, we both chose it but it was all his idea. I was never much into jewellery especially since I am stay at home mom and don’t really have where to wear it to, but it sure is nice, after all those years together,  to still get something totally impractical and simply pretty.


It was also this month that Anabel realized that it is long past her birthday and her ears are still  not pierced even though I had promised she would be wearing earings on her birthday. I simply forgot because I had made that promise so long ago. But now I had to keep my word and so both Anabel and Rosie got their ears pierced at last. Originally Anabel said that she would get three holes in one ear just like me but after getting through that “horrible pain” she decided she would NEVER have more than two holes all together 😀 .  But pain forgotten, both girls proudly expose their pink gems in their ears to all who want to see 😉 .